Destination: Raja Ampat & Triton Bay

Departure: Sorong

Arrival: Kaimana

Note: This itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Raja Ampat means ‘Four Kings’. In an archipelago of over 1,500 small islands there are four main islands or ‘kings’– Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, Misool. The majority of Raja Amat is a Marine Protected Area. These islands usually experience varying visibility depending on the weather conditions and warm water around 27-30C (81-86F).

Days 2-5 

Misool Island, one of the ‘Four Kings’ is in the south of Raja Ampat and is surrounded by a multitude of smaller islands to the southeast. The sites in this area are famous for their colourful soft corals and sea fans swaying in the warm waters of the reef. You’ll dive for 3 days in the Misool area, including Boo Windows, Yuliet and Romeo, Fiabecet, Wayilbatan, Daram Area, Pele and Sagof/Wagmab/Farondi Areas. You’ll encounter an incredible range of sea life during these dives, from turtles, reef sharks, pygmy seahorses, mantas, barracudas and everything in between! In this area you also may have the opportunity to take a ride to a pearl farm and also explore caves and rock formations.

Day 6

30 miles south of Misool is a beautiful archipelago where we’ll dive off of Pualu Koon or Pulau Pisang. The corals are extremely healthy in this remote area and are full of life. You’ll see giant elephant ears, swirling schools of a wide variety of fish, mantas and turtles.

Day 7

Take a trip on land in the morning to an incredible waterfall and enjoy the stunning above-water scenery. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera! In the afternoon take a relaxing dive near Momon Bay.

Day 8

Triton Bay is the next stop and is one of the most spectacular dives you’ll experience in Raja Ampat. The diversity of the coral and marine life are heaven for divers and, thanks to very little fishing in this area, are healthy and plentiful. Your first dive here will be at 7th Heaven where you will probably see giant trevalies, barracuda, giant turtles, grunts, and even mantas and walking sharks. GT Rock, which is named after the multitude of giant trevallys found there is a beautiful dive as well. Swim with the hundreds of grunts, red snappers, huge sweet lips and tuna that feed around the rock.

Day 9

Still in Triton Bay, we’ll continue to discover how extraordinary the area’d biodiversity really is. Larry’s Heaven honors the legendary Larry Smith, who spent years diving and studying the marine creatures of Indonesia. His very last dive was in this area, which boasts the world record for having the most different species in one area. Fields of black coral are home to such densely packed biodiveristy you may think you’re in the middle of an incredible dream. Wrass, gobies, grouper, bump heads, turtles, and millions of fusiliers will surround you as you glide through the water…and that’s just the beginning of the list.

Days 10-11

Spend 2 days diving around Aiduma, Orembate and Faukate (Lauzaro). These are incredible sites for searching for macro species and are especially exciting for dive photographers. You’ll find an incredible variety of reef fish, including schools of large blurring angelfish, clownfish, striped angelfish and lionfish. You might also spot dolphins enjoying leaping and dancing through the waves.

Day 12

After a last breakfast and goodbyes with the crew it’s time to disembark in Kaimana.