Schedule & Rate


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*Price per Person in USD in double/twin room for entire cruise – 3rd person in triple cabin rate USD 375/night

**Tax fees, Clarence and Fuel surcharge in USD per Person


Aug 09 - 16Komodo North & South7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo$ 3,850 $3,080$150Full
Aug 18 - 19Komodo North & South1Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo$550
Aug 20 - 25Komodo North & South5Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo$ 2,750 $2,200$150Available
Aug 27 - Sep 03Komodo North & South7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo$ 3,850 $3,080$150Available
Sep 05 - 12Komodo North & South7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo$ 3,850 $3,080$150Available
Sep 18 - 29Komodo & Alor11Labuan Bajo/ Kalabahi$6,050 $ 4,840$170Available
Oct 01 - 12Alor & Banda Sea11Kalabahi/ Ambon$6,050 $ 4,840$250Available
Oct 14 - 25Banda Sea & Forgetten Island11Ambon/Saumlaki$6,050 $ 4,840$250Available
Oct 27 - Nov 07Forgetten Island & Banda Sea11Saumlaki/Ambon$6,050 $ 4,840$250Available
Nov 09 - 20Banda Sea & Raja Ampat11Ambon/Sorong$6,050 $ 4,840$250Available
Nov 23 - Dec 04Raja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong$6,050 $ 4,840$200Available
Dec 07 - 18Raja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong$ 6,050$200Full
Dec 21, 2019 - Jan 1, 20Raja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong$ 6,050$200Available

*Price per Person in USD in double/twin room for entire cruise – 3rd person in triple cabin rate USD 375/night

**Tax fees, Clarence and Fuel surcharge in USD per Person


3-14 JanRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
16-27 JanRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
29 Jan-9 FebRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
11-22 FebRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
24-29 FebRaja Ampat5Sorong/Sorong3,000200Chartered
29 Feb-5 MarRaja Ampat5Sorong/Sorong3000200Chartered
7-15 MarRaja Ampat8Sorong/Sorong4,800200Available
17-25 MarRaja Ampat8Sorong/Sorong4,800200Available
27 Mar - 3 AprRaja Ampat7Sorong/Sorong4,200200Available
5-12 AprRaja Ampat7Sorong/Sorong4,200200Chartered
14-25 AprRaja Ampat, Banda, Ambon11Sorong/Ambon6,600200Available
27 Apr-8 MayAmbon, Banda Sea, Flores11Ambon/Maumere6,600250Available
10-18 MayFlores & Komodo8Maumere/Labuan Bajo4,800150Available
21 May-1 JunNorth & South Komodo11Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo6,050170Available
3-10 JunNorth & South Komodo7Labuan Bajo/Bali3,850150Available
8 Jun/4 JulDry Dock (Boat Maintenance)25
4-11 JulNorth & South Komodo7Bali/Labuan Bajo3,850150Available
13-18 JulNorth Komodo5Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo2,750120Available
20-27 JulNorth & South Komodo7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo3,850150Available
29 Jul - 5 AugNorth & South Komodo7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo3,850150Available
7-14 AugNorth & South Komodo7Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo3,850150Available
16-26 AugNorth & South Komodo10Labuan Bajo /Labuan Bajo5,500170Available
28 Aug-7 SepNorth & South Komodo10Labuanbajo/Labuanbajo5,500170Available
9-19 SepNorth & South Komodo10Labuanbajo/Maumere5,500170Available
21-29 SepAlor8Maumere/Maumere4,800150Available
1-12 OctAlor, Banda Sea & Ambon11Maumere/Ambon6,600250Available
14-25 OctBanda Sea & Forgotten Island11Ambon/Saumlaki6,600250Available
27 Oct-7 NovForgotten Island & Banda Sea11Saumlaki/Ambon6,600250Available
9-20 NovAmbon, Banda & Raja Ampat11Ambon/ Sorong6,600250Available
22 Nov-3 DecRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
5 -16 DecRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available
18-28 DecRaja Ampat10Sorong/Sorong6,000200Available
30 Dec-10 Jan 2020Raja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,600200Available

*Price per Person in USD in double/twin room for entire cruise – 3rd person in triple cabin rate USD 375/night

**Tax fees, Clarence and Fuel surcharge in USD per Person


CRS-0021-TR14/25 JanRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-0121-TR28 Jan/8 FebRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-0221-TR10/21 FebRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-0321-TR23 Feb/6 MarRaja Ampat & Triton Bay11Sorong/Kaimana6,710.00300.00Available
CRS-0421-TR8/19 MarTriton Bay & Raja Ampat11Kaimana/Sorong6,710.00300.00Available
CRS-0521-TR21 Mar/1 AprRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-0621-TR3/14 AprRaja Ampat & Banda Sea11Sorong/Ambon6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-0721-TR16/27 AprAmbon, Banda Sea & Alor11Ambon/Maumere6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-0821-TR29 Apr/6 MayAlor7Maumere/Maumere4,270.00150.00Available
CRS-0921-TR8/19 MayAlor & Komodo11Maumere/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1021-TR21 May/1 JunNorth & South Komodo11Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1121-TR3/8 JunNorth Komodo5Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo3,050.00120.00Available
CRS-1321-TR4/15 JulNorth & South Komodo11Bali/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1421-TR17/28 JulNorth & South Komodo11Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1521-TR30 Jul/10 AugNorth & South Komodo11Labuan Bajo/Bima6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1621-TR12/23 AugNorth & South Komodo11Bima/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1721-TR25 Aug/5 SepNorth & South Komodo11Labuan Bajo/Labuan Bajo6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1821-TR7/18 SepKomodo & Eastern Flores11Labuan Bajo/Maumere6,160.00170.00Available
CRS-1921-TR20/28 SepAlor8Maumere/Maumere4,480.00150.00Available
CRS-2021-TR1/12 OctAlor & Banda Sea11Maumere/Ambon6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-2121-TR15/26 OctBanda Sea & Forgotten Island11Ambon/Saumlaki6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-2221-TR28 Oct/8 NovForgotten Island/Banda Sea11Saumlaki/Ambon6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-2321-TR10/21 NovAmbon, Banda Sea & Raja Ampat11Ambon/Sorong6,710.00250.00Available
CRS-2421-TR23 Nov/4 DecRaja Ampat11Sorong/ Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-2521-TR6/17 DecRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00200.00Available
CRS-2621-TR19/29 DecRaja Ampat10Sorong/Sorong6,100.00200.00Available
CRS-2721-TR31 Dec/11 JanRaja Ampat11Sorong/Sorong6,710.00250.00Available

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