Your Needs

Tiarè is not only a diving boat, she wants to welcome divers and non-divers with open arms and is there for all your needs.

We have put our hearts into finding the best crew, services and safety equipment.

We cruise to areas like the Forgotten Islands and south Raja Ampat where it is very difficult to organize supplies, but we jump through any hoops necessary, as impeccable service is a must.


Specially tailored menus. Tell us any your alimentation problem

We serve international and local gourmet cuisine using only fresh quality products. We pay  particular attention to the famous light and refreshing Mediterranean diet’ which is perfect for divers.

Meals are organized according to group needs.  We serve a light breakfast before morning dives, a hearty breakfast mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails followed by an a-la-carte dinner.

Our priority is to cater for the needs of vegetarians, vegans, celiac and various allergies. Let us know in advance and we will do everything to see to your needs , even during the most remote cruises.

Depending on the chef’s  inspirations you can enjoy home-made bread and pastries, fruit tarts, croissants, muffins, brownies, vegetable flans, ice-cream, tropical fruit sorbets.


Indonesian SPA for professional massage 

What could be better than a Balinese massage at sunset?

The Balinese culture has a long tradition of natural body therapies. The combination of manual therapy and aromatherapy is intended not only to restore mind and spirit, but to stimulate the lymphatic system and the flow of blood and qi.

Each cabin is equipped with personal hygiene products, including shaving cream, feminine products, a hair dryer, face and body creams, sun cream. Travel light!


PADI Masters lead your diving

All divers are welcome: beginners, experts and underwater photographers. Our team has many years of experience to understand your needs, making the best choices for you and showing you a fun time.  We are very strict on  safety rules. You should only undertake what is considered safe, according to the rules of recreational diving. The places are pristine, far from beaten routes, so we follow a  safety rules  procedure.

Repetitive diving for days may increase the risk of decompression sickness due a high gas saturation, we recommend to use Nitrox, it is a good way to minimize the hazard.

We have complete sets of the best equipment at your disposal free of charge, 15 litre tanks for those who need a lot of air and 7 litre tanks for those who want less weight on their back.


Tiarè staff is alerted and operative all cruising long 24/24

Our support team is able to respond quickly 24h/24h for either health or organisational reasons. We are not alone at sea, our two satellite links keep us constantly in touch with on-land operations.


All our scuba diving courses and certifications are PADI certified – the most recognized dive training organization in the world. Below is your basic educational path to become an experienced diver.

Basic Diving Courses

  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving
  • PADI Open Water Diver Course
  • PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course

Adventure Diving Courses

  • PADI Advanced Diver Course
  • NITROX Speciality

The Tiarè advise all our course divers to bring medical certificates to ensure they will be able to take part in courses.


We help you to choose and create your personal cruise in Indonesia

WE can organize private custom-made cruises to fit your personal wishes. You are free to plan your own cruise experience: you decide where to go and what places to see, choose your own schedule, you can even choose to stop along the way to explore the land or meet the people.

Cendrawasih Bay to see whaleshark or Triton Bay are very good alternatives.

You could also decide to book our boat for your dive group among the scheduled itineraries.


Below some information about diving emergencies.

Hyperbaric chambers:

• Manado at Professor Dr. Kandou Hospital, tel. 0431 838305 Ref. Dr Hanry Takasenseran, cellphone 08134000 0840

• Makassar at Wahidin Sudirohusodo Public Hospital, tel. 0411 584677, ref. operator Pak Agus, cellphone 0812 4109 2996

• Denpasar (Bali) at Sanglah Hospital, tel. 0361 227911-ext 232, Ref Dr. Sosiawati, cellphone 0812 467 2923

Sorong (Raja Ampat) has no hyperbaric facilities, but the Dr R. Oetojo Nevy Hospital tel. 0951 321946 is the best choice for any kind of medical emergency.

The dives in Raja Ampat tend to be shallow, but repetitive diving for days, may increase the risk of decompression sickness due to a high gas saturation, we recommend to use Nitrox, it is a good way to minimize this hazard.
Dan Asia-Pacific is based in Australia, Tel +61 3 9886 9166 or +61 8 8212 9242


Select item s for diving and lifestyle

We have a unique selection of dive fashion onboard. T-shirts, Polo shirts and shorts are designed, printed and  hand made in Indonesia. Our Batic sarongs are made in the traditional ways.

Some Fish ID books and books about Indonesia are available for sale. Bali traditional craft is also available for your gifts.

We also carry a small supply of mask and finstraps. O-rings, regulator and inflator hoses batteries, sunscreen and aftersun.