About Us

Five cousins, five passions: Sea, Diving, Photography, Cuisine, Indonesia

For many years we travelled throughout the amazing country of Indonesia. Then one evening, during a summer dinner party, while talking about our future dreams we realized that together we could embark upon a common project: why not build an Indonesian sailing boat for diving cruises? A Phinisi to honor of the ancient Konjo traditions handed down through the centuries by a succession of local master boat builders from the South of Sulawesi.

For us, Tiaré embodies our way of being together, of sharing adventures in safety and comfort. She is a boat built around our dreams and wishes.

From the beginning we had only one idea: to design a boat, which was elegant, sturdy, and tailored to the needs of those who enjoy five-star service and luxury.


We chose the best builders, the choicest and hardest wood for the keel and hull, and state-of-the-art instruments and safety equipment. We also take pride in our respect for the rain forests and sourced only reclaimed teak for the decks, walls and furnishings.

It took 3 years of hard work to build and finish this splendid boat and for this we owe a great debt of gratitude to the immense talents of the artisans, without whose help this project would never have been possible. We have learned much from the ancient traditions of the Konjo and would love for you to have a look in the gallery to share our experiences.

Don’t miss the extraordinary video of the Anattara below!

Don’t miss the extraordinary video of the Anattara!

Bugis-Makassar ceremony plentiful of references.

The mystical beliefs of Buginese mythology collected on ancient Lontara manuscripts take part of the birth of a new boat.
Sweet snacks as offerings to arouse in the boat owner the desire for bringing high profits…
A couple of healthy roosters provide some of their blood to be indelibly imbedded in the top of the keel, as a token that no man’s blood will be spilled on the boat while being crafted…
Nine perfect incisions made with a blessed chisel on aromas of incense. The incense purify the tool and the hand than grip the tool, transforming the hand that hits on the hand that creates. And then, the “communion” of the Haji guru and guide, every craftsman boat builder, and the elements…
The cut of both ends of the keel, each one have a different aim and a different fate…
The front piece should be delivered to the sea, in change for the offering, the waves of the ocean will protect the boat…
The rear piece, instead, remain ashore to remind the boat that she or he must return safely to the mainland, always.

Year 2013, Tiarè at the Shipyard

Tiarè is a Phinisi, or traditional Indonesian two-masted sailing ship. She was built in Sawa, a small village near Kendari East Sulawesi by the Konjo tribe from the Bulukumba region of South Sulawesi. The reason? The builder declared “don’t transport wood from forest to shipyard, better to move shipyard near the wood”.

Year 2014, Tiaré is ready to launch!

The masts reach to 30 meters above the deck.  We only cut ironwood to build the hull of Tiaré. We did not cut any trees to complete the boat because we made the eco-friendly decision to recycle old teak wood from derelict houses (two houses from Wakatobi, four houses from East Java). This is something we take great pride in and that sets Tiaré apart from other boats.

Year 2015, Tiaré departs for Serangan harbor in Bali

Tiarè is entirely handmade; the shipwrights used only chainsaws and the simple traditional tools of carpenters. The hull of the ship, totally in ironwood, looks similar to that of a dhow, while the fore-and-aft rigging recalls western schooners, although it might be more correctly termed to resemble a ketch, as the front mast is the larger.

Year 2016, the Interior design Project

All our choices are born from a careful assessment of the needs of our guest divers and non divers.

We designed bright and airy cabins with spacious bathrooms, a large front deck where you can chat and eat under the stars, and a comfortable diving deck separated from the “dry zone” with two hot water showers to warm yourself after a night dive. There are tables in the lounge area which can be merged or split according to the group.

Year 2017, the boat is in Serangan, Bali

For two years we went back and forth from Bali to Sawa; sometimes, during the rainy season, we had to slog through muddy swamps, but we enjoyed every moment of this adventure. We loved meeting and sharing food with Sawa’s fishermen, and sweating in the sun to check the progress of our dream.

The finishing touches were carried out in Bali, land of elegance.