Destination: Alor & Lembata

Departure: Kalabahi

Arrival: Kalabahi

Note: This itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 Board the stunning Tiaré, your home for the next 7 nights, in Kalabahi, Alor Island and be ready to depart around 12pm. Day 2 After getting settled on the boat and orientation, you’ll have an easy first day in Kalabahi Bay. Mucky Mosque and Rocky Church are two of the excellent muck dive sites we will visit and you might even see the Rhinopias, master of camoflague. Diving at night means you’ll also get the unique opportunity to see strange creatures even more incredible than the ghost pipefish, soft coral crabs, frogfish, wunderpus and mimic octopus, snake eels, sea moths, sand divers and many other remarkable creatures found during the day. Day 3 The Alor/Pantar Strait has a vast rage of sites; from shear drop-offs, jutting rocks, and shallow reefs where colourful corals can be seen in their full glory. You will see the famous diving villagers of Here you can see Pura Island diving with only homemade googles fashioned from wood and the ends of glass bottles. Diving during these days at sites like Yan Village, Clown Valley, large pelagics pass through the Pantar Strait and if we hear of whales, dolphins or sunfish, we’ll have the chance to go hunting for them in the tenders and snorkel if we find them. Day 4 Dive today at Beangabang in the famous Lembeh Strait. This is a protected bay where the water is a little cooler and night dives are incredible for macro life. Recent spottings here are: blue ringed octopus, coconut octopus, frog fish, rhinopias of various kinds, wonderpus, frogfish and ghost pipefish. Day 5 Off the southern coast of Pantar and Pulau Kambing the marine life is plentiful thanks to upwellings and swells from deep under the sea. Because of this large pelagics are often seen feeding. There are a number of other sites around these islands that we will possibly dive and see all kinds of incredible marine life. Day 6 More big fish and possible sharks await arounf Alor and Pura Islands. The water is beautifully clear in this area with visibility up to 30 metres but the currents can be strong, so these dives can be challenging. The challenge is all worth it though for the whitetips and huge grey reef sharks, tuna, grouper, sunfish, manta rays and even whalesharks and pilot whales if you’re lucky. Day 7 Back to the great muck diving in Kalabahi Bay, you’ll dive twice in the morning and then have a wonderful land excursion to a traditional village on the island of Alor. Day 8 After a last breakfast and goodbyes with the crew it’s time to disembark in Kalabahi.