Destination: Komodo

Departure: Bima

Arrival: Labuanbajo

Note: This itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.

Sample Itinerary

Your journey with Tiare starts when you arrived at the airport where our crew will welcome you upon arrival. On your disembarkation day, you will be transferred back to the airport to say our goodbyes.

The itinerary below has been carefully handpicked to allow you to have the maximum enjoyable momentum during your cruise with Tiare. However, it may change at any time without prior notice depending on the weather and sea condition. In that case, an alternative itinerary will be provided.

Embarkation Time: 12:00 Pm, Disembarkation Time: 10:00 Am


Day 1

  • Chek dive at Betlehem
  • Sailing to Sangeang Island

Day 2 Sangeang Island

1st dive at Sangeang Reef

2nd dive at Bubble Point

3rd dive at Deep Purple

Crossing to Banta Island

Day 3 Banta Island

1st dive at Tanjung Rusa

2nd dive at Tanjung Kambing

3rd dive at Persinggahan

4th dive / night dive at Stargazer Point

Overnight at Banta Island

* Non-Diving activity: Snorkeling can be done on all dive site

Day 4 Gili Lawa Laut

1st dive at Castle Rock

2nd dive at Crystal Rock

3rd dive at Shotgun

Trekking to Gili Lawa Darat

* Non-diving activity: visit Gili Lawa Laut beach and Snorkeling

Overnight at Gili Lawa Darat

Day 5 Linta Strait

1st dive at Batu Bolong

2nd dive Takat Makassar

3rd dive Pink Beach

* Option: Trekking or night dive at Pink Beach

Overnight at Pink Beach

Day 6 Padar Island

1st dive at Padar Reef

2nd dive at Three Sisters

3rd dive at Secret Garden

* Non-diving activity: trekking to Padar Island

Overnight at Padar

Day 7 Linta Strait

1st dive at Tatawa Besar

2nd dive at Tatawa Kecil

Trekking to Komodo National Park

Dinner on the beach at Pulau Kambing

Day 8