Destination: Raja Ampat

Departure: Sorong

Arrival: Sorong

Note: This itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.

Sample Itinerary

Raja Ampat means ‘Four Kings’. In an archipelago of over 1,500 small islands there are four main islands or ‘kings’– Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, Misool. The majority of Raja Ampat is a Marine Protected Area. These islands usually experience varying visibility depending on the weather conditions and warm water around 27-30C (81-86F). We have selected the best diving spots in the area and what you can expect when you go diving in each dive spot and presented to you with the Itinerary below.

This Itinerary is only a suggestion. Weather and sea condition may effect and change this itinerary.

Day 1

  • Embarkation in Sorong – 12 PM

1st dive Yenuba

Creatures: Blacktop reefsharks, Wobbegong shark, Barracuda, Schooling snapper, fusiliers, sweetlips, surgeonfish.

Days 2 

1st & 2nd dive at Melisa’s Garden e Chanel

Creatures: Blacktip and whitetip reefshark,Wobbegong sharks, Barracudas, Jacks, Octopus, schooling surgeon, fusiliers, jacks.


After lunch time, trekking to Piaynemo to see the panoramic view of Raja Ampat from the highest point of Piaynemo.

Dinner at Yeben

Day 3 Yangelo

1st dive – Mayhem

Creatures: Black and whitetip reefsharks, Barracuda’s, Cuttle fish.

2nd dive – Citrus

Creatures: Grey & white tip reef shark, Barramundi,Giant Trevally, Napoleon, schools of Bigeye Jack, yellow lined Snapper and Fusileer.

3rd dive – Mangrove reef

Creatures: Banded pipefish, bumphead parrotfish, anemone shrimp, turtle.

Day 4 

1st dive at Manta Point

Creatures: Blacktip reefshark, Bumphead parrotfish,s chooling fusiliers, snappers, surgeonfish.

2nd dive at Arborek

Creatures: Bobtail squids, crabs, nudibranch.

3rd dive at Sawandarek

Creatures: Blacktip reefsharks, cuttlefish, giant sweetlips, barracuda’s, schooling jacks, fusiliers, unicorn fish.

4th dive at Yanbuba Jetty (Night Dive)

Creatures: Mobula, Blacktip reefshark, Hawksbill Turtle, Giant and oriental, sweetlips, octopus.

Day 5 

1st dive at Cape Kri

Creatures: Blacktip reefsharks, wobbegong, Turtle, Barracuda’s, Batfish, sweetlips, red snapper, Jacks.

2nd dive at Chicken Reef

Creatures: Blacktip/whitetip reefsharks, Turtle, tuna, Napoleon, barracuda’s, bumphead parrot.

3rd dive at Sardine reef

Creatures: Blacktip reefsharks, cuttlefish, giant sweetlips, barracuda’s, schooling jacks, fusiliers, unicorn fish.

4th dive at Batu Lima (Night Dive)

Creatures: Wobbegong, Mobula’s, blacktip reefshark, blue spotted rays, barracuda’s, walking sharks, cuttle fish, Nudibranchs.

Day 6 Piaynemo Area

This is the last day of the cruise before sailing back to Sorong in the afternoon.

1st dive at Mike Point

Creatures: White tip reefshark, Wobbegong, Napoleon, Bumphead parrotfish.

2nd dive at Blue Magic

Creatures: Blacktip and whitetip Grey reefsharks,Schooling Jacks, octopus.

After the 2nd dive, Tiare will head back to Sorong via Waisai.

Day 7

After breakfast on board it’s time to check out and say goodbye to your crews. Disembark Tiare before your flight.